Monday, July 20, 2009

8 Kythorn 1479

Today I killed a man.

The day started with us going and registering with Turlough's Steel and they put us on the rota, but there weren't any jobs immediately. So we spent some time shopping and hit a bardic hangout called The Coal Mine - where there was some impressive displays, especially a gnomish torch singer who played the audience in ways I can only dream of. It was all I ever wanted - and it seems almost to belong to another life.

When we headed back, though, towards evening, there was quite a rumpus outside Oleg's. Those jackasses in the robes were back and they'd moved beyond intimidation and into violence - even prepared with bottles to burn the place down. We got those fellows dealt with and led Oleg's wife, Festa - a human, not that that seemed to matter to the robed idiots touting racial purity and human supremacy - and their 2 small children out of the house. Nor did the danger to innocents bother them. So much for Waterdeep's fabled (yeah, as in made-up) tolerance and racial equality.

Oleg asked us to help him get Festa and the kids safely to the watchhouse where Ches worked, where they'd be safe. We managed, darting through the streets - but fighting small groups along the way. I nearly managed to send one group off on a snipe hunt with no fighting, but Allyson once again forgot that she needs to duck BACK into the shadows, not just stand there. But we left most of them out cold, but survivable. Unfortunately, we couldn't manage that with every group. I finally ended up frying the brains on one of them hard enough that he was dead. Totally dead. Beyond healing dead.

Allyson says it was the right thing to do and she's right, I know it, I just don't feel it. Yes, we had to stop them and yes, we didn't have time to go slow and pretty and yes, he was trying to kill Allyson, but... Well, I just wish it hadn't been me that finished it. Sure, some of the others we'd run into died, but never at MY hand. Easy enough for Allyson to brush it off as a necessity, but she's trained to do just that. I've spent my life training to talk to people. I suppose if I'm going to be a mercenary I'm going to have to get used to it, but I don't think I'm ever going to like this. Maybe I can find better ways to avoid fights entirely.

Anyway, we got to the watchhouse and Ches said that their captain had been drugged, which slowed their response and they were dealing with the damage, but what was needed was to find the headquarters for these Black Hoods (apparently they've been spewing their disgusting ideas for some time). So we headed out to see what we could manage - Oleg deciding to come along, since Festa and the kids were safe. It took some time, but we managed it. First, by capturing one for questioning - watching 2 half-orcs and a overgrown human intimidate a weaselly (my apologies to weasels) racist was a joy. Not to mention it gave me time to make sure none of the others were going to die - except for the ones that the others had killed straight out - and tie 'em up.

We eventually found the warehouse housing the "Four Square Company". Gnf sent in a spirit snake to scout for us, but one of the door guards was actually sharp and both noticed and decided to report - bad, very bad. Oleg charged them both, which gave us time to get in. We pulled on black robes and tucked Gnf away at the back of us since he's a dead (haha) giveaway. I marched in to give my report, but I think the violence had shaken me some, because the big bad - or at least the guy in a fancier black robe sitting up on the dais and lording it over the others, so I assume he was the boss, he sure proved tougher than the others - declared he didn't know my voice, who was I? I made up a name on the spot and it was a good name, I'm sure of it, but maybe I should have worked in some way to refer to redemption, it being the password, whatever I bolluxed it up totally. He threw a massive sonic or psychic blast, some seriously nasty magic, which pretty much rocked all of us back on our heels, while his minions charged. Seriously outnumbered and with such a powerful magic-tapper against us, I was a fair bit worried - ok, ok, I was scared shitless - but he took off straight out the back door. Still, it was plenty dicey. Oleg all but died himself, since he charged well ahead and it took me a bit to reach him to heal him. We used up everything we had, but we won in the end.

Under the "throne" the big bad was sitting on we found some nice things - now, see, I don't feel the least underhanded or guilty about taking THOSE, we earned 'em - good stuff for everyone...except me, but I can sell the lens. Silly thing. Ought to give us enough funds to get Maxie a magicked weapon. Maybe I can find better pipes too.

Well, it's late - or early, depending - and I should try to sleep, but I don't think I can.

I wonder if he had a family who mourns him.

7 Kythorn 1479

We have arrived in Waterdeep and by all the gods I have never seen the like. I can only hope I'm not looking too much the rustic bumpkin, but I strongly suspect I need only the field hat and a straw stuck between my teeth to confirm the impression. Ah well, can't blame a fellow for trying anyway.

We got here this morning and Gwyneth led us straight to her brother-in-law's jewelry shop. Hannes Silverman and his wife, Glyn (Gwyneth's sister), run a pretty successful business, looks like. They put us up in nice rooms and said they had a party for us planned for tonight. Allyson look a bit alarmed (naturally) but I pointed out that I, at least, had packed her a dress. Being the nice guy I am I declined to mention that since I was the who picked it out it would actually look good. heh.

We had the rest of the day free to explore the city. We started by following our noses just next door to the bakery. The fellow behind the counter was a burly half-orc - and by that I mean burly FOR a half-orc - who was pleased to offer us such things as gnome legs, orc claws, deva ears and elf noses (they always point up) - though I pointed out that true of eladrin more than elves. He liked my suggestion for halfling toes, but wasn't sure how to handle the hair, but I trust he'll figure something out. He scared poor Gnf nearly into invisibility by leaning over the counter and demanding - in full orc bellow - if he didn't like the pastries? Then he started laughing and chatting with the rest of us. Sigh, orc humor, you gotta love it - largely because they'll hurt you if you don't. Allyson liked him. I have to admit, intimidation as customer service is different. But then his wife came out and scolded him and things moved into a more normal experience. They did have honey cakes, good ones even, but not a patch on Mom's.

Following the stuffing of faces with baked goods, we all headed off to see the sights. Gnf headed for the library and Max decided to hit a tavern and Allyson headed off with him - letting ME off the leash!!! Yey, it's a miracle. Mindful of that, I went straightaway to find a temple to Mielikki and it proved to be something of a chore. Not much in the way of greenery in this city. Amazing buildings - I even saw one that I swear was larger than the Moorbridge caravanserai entire, outbuildings included - and paved streets and folks in all manner of strange and fancy clothing, but...well, I like it and I like watching all this, but I damn sure wouldn't want to live here with next to no trees or grass or even crops. Anyway, I finally found it, a small building tucked in a back street with nothing more than a few small trees in front. Better than nothing, at least. I went in, donated a gold - they sure looked like they needed it far more than me - and said my prayers. Made me feel a little better, less out of place, but I'm sure I still looked a fair idiot wandering the streets with my jaw scraping the ground.

That done, I followed up on my next task. Seeing as I have - finally! - reached Waterdeep, and thereby a city big enough to have a temple to Sune, I went to pay my respects. Hey, it's only taken me 3 years and change.... Found the temple fairly easily, Sune is a lot more popular here than Mielikki and boasts a fine, large marble temple - as impressive within as without. I think the word I want is sumptuous. I found the offering box and donated a silver for a prayer in memory of my father. Maybe I should have paid more, I don't know, but silver matched the chain, so it seemed...I dunno, fitting? Anyhow, then I gawked a bit - the more so as the priestesses (and the priests as best as I can judge) seem chosen for their pretty faces. After a bit, one approached me (lovely girl, well, woman, with big brown eyes) and asked if I was there to try the "love leap". Sure sounded interesting so I asked what it was and she explained and I guess it's a test, sort of, if who you're with is your true love - seemed awful shaky to me, I mean, if you aren't sure, isn't that kinda proof that it isn't? I declined as I'm not with anyone and she brightened up (I'd like to think that was for my being available, but I'm not so good a liar as THAT) and said then what I wanted was the "draw" for guidance. Guidance, naturally, being only as good as the devotion (ie, donation) behind it. But, I figure, what the hell, it is Sune's area, after all and it can't hurt - 1 gold isn't that much and I can always make more. So I chipped in and she led me to a big...well, cauldron of sorts for me to dip my hand into and pull something out and then she just stood there expectantly - and closely watching. Damned thing was deep AND up on a pedestal so I was pretty much on tip-toe trying to get my hand in to reach anything - y'know, a city like this has plenty of dwarves, gnomes, halflings and full-blood elves, you'd think they'd make allowances for height, or lack of it - but I managed and as soon as my fingers touched something I snagged it and pulled it out. She favored me with an approving (and dazzling) smile, apparently trusting to faith instead of rooting about in there is the right move. What I pulled out looked at first like your ordinary pebble, that drab grey-brown shade, but I took a closer look, since there had to be beauty in there somewhere and found pretty vein of crystal that not only gave that stripe of color through it, but the purplish streak made the rest of the grey-brown sorta glow warm, making it actually a nice color. A pretty stone, but subtle, you gotta look for it, I like that. I thanked the priestess and tucked the stone away and headed out to find that tavern and enjoy the sights along the way.

I stopped just outside the tavern long enough to rumple my clothes a bit and muss my hair - a visit to Sune's temple offers so much in the way of twitting Allyson, you can't expect me to pass it up. Max had wedged himself into a corner and Allyson sat next to him, enjoying herself and every so often elbowing him and sniggering. Poor guy must be solid bruises. Gnf was seated nearby looking lost in thought - apparently the library was a joy to him and his guide imparted some secrets to him, which he promptly started to tell me, until I shut him up. Smart man, Gnf, but not too savvy.

The source of Allyson's amusement was Max's "destiny". Apparently some old fellow had swept in, looking like those crazy hermits who're always spouting off like they're diviners or what-not, and gone straight up to Max and declared that he'd must've been fighting undead. Interesting conversational opener, but then Max is near as bad as Allyson on the whole "you need to bathe" thing. Then he announced that Max had a destiny - and he knew this because his invisible dog told him. Ok, he didn't call it that, he just gestured at a space the right height and refused an ale for it because dogs don't drink ale - I've a few hounds back home he needs to meet to relearn that fact. He also asked if Max and Allyson were lovers - Allyson slipped that one in sly enough, makes me wonder if she meant to be putting me on, and it worked, dammit. I think - I hope - I kept my face straight and my voice level, but I couldn't stop myself from asking if they were. (I mean, she'd left me to do whatever I wanted and hied off to the tavern with him right off. A disturbing thought.) Allyson shook her head, while Max murmured that he hadn't even bought him a drink. Heh, quiet fellow, sneaky humor, I think I'm really gonna like that boy. At length we headed back to the shop for the party. I reminded Allyson that she did need to bathe before dressing, but I managed to duck the blow - she must've had too much ale, she's not usually so slow. Just as we arrived back we noticed a little set-to at Oleg's bakery. A bunch of fellows in black robes - horn and hoof, how melodramatic can you get? - were trying to intimidate him. Melodramatic and stupid, lovely. Needless to say they got no change out of Oleg, but it was disturbing.

The party was...well, gosh, straight out of a tale. Glittering table settings, goblets of jewel-colored wine, table linens so bleached they're blinding, dazzling candles...amazing. The head of the jeweler's guild, an eladrin named Eldreth Deepwater gave a sort of set-speech to open things, explaining why he'd taken on the name of Deepwater. He essentially named himself after the town in honor of it's reputation as a place where all races were equally welcomed and he has a strong belief in that ideal, so he took the name as symbolic and all. He also, far more to the point, brought his daughter with him. Melia. Pretty girl, an especially graceful arch to her ears, and grown...mostly. Also there were Alden Goldsmith and Ches Silverman, Hannes's brother. Ches is a sergeant in the city guard and said we were welcome to join anytime, just come talk to him. Then they handed over a number of lovely - and way too valuable - gifts and in just such a way as you can't refuse without insulting them. It's good stuff and I like it and we need it, but I still feel like... I dunno, like I'm ... Oh, like a battle of wits with Bardon, it's beyond cheating, it's totally unfair, he's unarmed, see? Anyway, there was something nicely tailored for each of us - I picked up a nice amulet with some protective magic about it. After that, we turned to actual partying. I produced my pipes and started on a set of songs of all types before letting someone else entertain so I could catch my breath and have a drink. Whilst I sat in my corner resting, Melia approached me wanting more tunes. I suggested that I would trade her a tune for a kiss. She's a bit over-serious - well and aren't eladrin usually - and seemed a bit displeased, but she screwed up her face and finally leaned forward to give me a peck on the cheek. I traded her a tune, fair's fair and managed to control a snigger at Allyson's glower, though thankfully Eldreth wasn't paying attention. Max got cornered by Alden and didn't seem to enjoy it much, but I don't think he ever enjoys talking much. Amidst all the gossip a few rumors floating about. A rumor about a great kobold leader uniting the tribes and amassing legions of kobold warriors - yeah, as if. A rumor - or perhaps a set fact - that a new lode was found in the Nether Mountains, which was going to put even more pressure on the caravans, especially since the accident to the portals. We asked and apparently portals are malfunctioning - shipments being lost, folks going through and coming back....eventually and apparently somewhat changed or such. They said this started maybe a week ago or so - so long after the big magic blow-out that killed the mythal-portals, so who knows?

A long day, but a lot of fun.

Allyson and Max can't actually be lovers, can they?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

30 Mirtul 1479

Ok, we've hit Daggerford and without further excitement. Kargil paid us off and since Gwyneth had grown insistent that we accompany her to Waterdeep so she and her sister could properly repay us told us to go on ahead, Turlough's had an office there and we could pick up work.

Mind you, it's another week or nearly to Waterdeep, but we're welcome to travel with the caravan, just not paid. Kind of nice to just enjoy the scenery and not worry about fighting - or more to the point healing. At least I think so.

23 Mirtul 1479

Well, I was right about Merrill.

We got up this morning to find Merrill gone - as well was Jacob. Nathan - bless his obnoxiously curious and sneaky heart - had managed to get a gander at that scroll and reported that it was about Ocrus and his vigrin sacrifices. We managed - with great effort - not to laugh. And I'm pretty sure I managed not to look... guilty or whatever. Anyway, safe to say an 8 year old boy counts as a vigrin (heh). And bless Jacob for listening to fairy tales, he left a trail of pooka shells for us to follow. We managed to track him, but it was a hard trek and we were rushing, leaving us - or at least me - puffing a bit.

We found the temple and found the skeletons outside guarding it. Skeletons should be scary, but these just didn't frighten me. We came up to the crypt and noted a fancy sigil over the archway to get in. Max spoke up, said it was a trap, divine magic - which I guessed by the ghostly bloody hands that reached out. He was able to call on Selune (and glad I am that he serves a goddess I'm comfortable with) and diddle the trap neatly. We came into a huge room with 2 rows of columns - one along each side - and a whole lotta zombies. Still not terrifying, but definitely creepy. Then down the stairs at the back of the big room and into the main arena.

We could hear the chanting and it sounded like Merrill was wrapping things up. We had to fight a bunch more zombies - including some that were starting to get scary - and we were getting some chewed, but still winning. I let Allyson distract Merrill while I dashed over and lurched over the altar to grab Jacob and pull him away. Took me longer than I wanted - I hate it when Allyson is right about my needing to exercise more - but I got him and took off. I'd've kept running, but apparently Allyson pissed Merrill off good and all - well, it IS what she's best at - and decided killing us was more important than Jacob so I stuck around and good thing too, my healing was definitely needed - I was getting a bit worried about Allyson. Although I did manage to trick one of the ghouls to peel off her and come towards Gnf - who he couldn't possibly reach - and then head back towards the fighters. A nice trick, I liked it.

We got back to camp without further issue and Gwyneth was both overjoyed and furious at the boys, all mom-like, and very grateful to us and wishing she could repay us. A little embarrassing, that - I mean, what else were we gonna do? Let the kid die? Seems wrong to let her think she owes us for doing the right thing, but I can't think of a way to say that without hurting her feelings, so...

As boring as trudging down the road is, I'm kinda hoping the rest of the trip to Daggerford is more boring. Adventure is a lot scarier than it sounds.

22 Mirtul 1479

Today was much more interesting. Straightaway we woke up Kargil was really ill. Gwyneth has some skill in healing and took a look at him and said he'd need some special herbal potion and could we go gather some? I noted that she looked a bit askance at the party, though she hid it well. Makes a fellow wonder, doesn't it? Though Kargil didn't eat anything different than anyone else, such as I can tell...

Anyway we headed off to gather the herbs - just us paid types, Cedric bowed out - it was a hell of a trek, too - up and down hills. We saw some signs of flying creatures with claws and such - not stirges and too big to be eagles. We did eventually find what made those marks - drakes. They swarm you over and that's pretty nasty, but we made it through. Makes me wish I could tap into the healing magicks better. Got the herbs and brought 'em back to Gwyneth and she started making up the potion. I managed to get her aside and ask her what had happened and after a long moment and a good sharp look-over she admitted it looked like poison, but she couldn't tell how he got it. We kept Gnf watching over Kargil, just in case. The potion worked a treat, though and we were back on the road (oh joy) by midday - with Kargil riding, but upright and alert.

Got to an ambush, trees down across the road that clearly WEREN'T deadfall. Oddly, where it stopped us put us in between a row of cages - which reminded me a bit of those chutes for our try-out and for good reason. Some fire beetles started coming out of them and about the same time a few smudge pots went off, filling the areas with smoke. Under cover of all this a few bandits started sneaking up to lift the bags out of the wagons. We took 'em all down - Kargil was able to manage his crossbow - and deal with the smudge pots without any of the trees or grass catching fire.

At camp tonight I noted that Merrill was studying some scroll or such that he was trying to tuck away - not to mention not look like he was even studying something. I call that very suspicious - especially given Kargil's poisoning. Then again, maybe I just don't like Merrill.

Friday, July 17, 2009

21 Mirtul 1479

I learned several things today.

First, little boys are trouble on 2 feet - and they're faster and slipperier than you might think.

Second, it's damned hard to pry off a stirge once it's on you and they stink like nobody's business.

Third, when the description of a spell - such as Sleep - says it affects an entire area, it means the entire area and everyone in it - INCLUDING YOUR ALLIES. Something the wizard might wish to consider in future.

And lastly, being a caravan guard is dead boring.

We trudged along all day and sure, the scenery is nice, but it's nice at home, too. And sure Gwyneth is pretty and friendly enough and her boys are cute..mostly, but there are pretty girls lotsa other places. None of which involve hiking along under the sun with road dirt kicked up into your face and a need to watch where you step, unless you're out in front of all the horses. The only excitement came at the end of the day when we stopped to make camp. Being at the bottom of the pecking order - not to mention pretty much the only employees - we were sent off to fill the water buckets at the nearby stream. For no apparent reasons one of the merchants, a youngish fellow named Cedric, decided to accompany us. Also, at the insistent pleading of her boys - Nathan and Jacob - Gwyneth brought them along, too. The stream was easy to find. Sadly the stirges nesting nearby found us as easily. Wouldn't have been much of a problem to defeat them, except one of the boys darted forward to see - managing to elude a number of outreached hands - and promptly got attached. In prying it off HIM, I managed to get it on to me. Not, perhaps, the best of plans, but Allyson was there, so no worries. On the other hand, that left Max dealing with the others on his own, not good. We loped over to help him and Gnf throws up his nifty Sleep spell, next thing I know, I'm face down in the stream, having had an ill-timed nap. All's well that ends well, though. We got the boys away, got the water back and no one was more hurt than I can deal with.

We had some good stories around the campfire too. What is it about campfires anyway? I know plenty of folks as won't talk around a fire in the fireplace or the pit, but put it outside surrounded by bedrolls and they're off and running. Anyway, Kargil tells some good stories, plenty funny and I naturally do quite well. Merrill - our dark and mysterious, or alright our solitary male who's not actually dark and is only terse and not necessarily mysterious - told a rather creepy story about demons and making bad choices. Cedric told - surprisingly well, he didn't seem that smooth a talker - a story about a supposedly nearby temple of Orcus and it's destruction - or near destruction. Merrill kind of went all still at that - clearly worried about it somehow - but whether he's just nerved out by the mention of Orcus or his story of bad choices with demons is more...personal than it sounded I can't tell. Doesn't much matter, really. It's not like we're heading there. Although Gnf did apparently remember something about there being some black skull embedded in an obsidian altar or some such. Tomorrow's gonna be another boring day just walking on the road. I may want to discuss with Allyson her ideas on grand adventure, they're a little lacking in either grand or adventure.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

20 Mirtul 1479

Busy but productive day today. Came in this morning (Allyson naturally insisting on camping, despite a late rainstorm and chill wind. I almost wish she'd give over this "keep Alfred away from the girls" campaign, except that it's so much FUN to tease her this way.) and were directed to a big open area where the caravans stop and so on. We headed for the tent with a flag out front that Sgt. Rogeth had described - red background, 2 crossed silver swords. (The fact that it also had Turlough written across it was another clue.) We announced ourselves as interested enlistees to the grizzled fellow behind a big worktable, all heaped with ledgers, paperwork and so forth. He looked a right veteran - old, scarred and ... I don't know how exactly to describe it, but I'm guessing that that's maybe what jaded looks like? - and I might almost have been intimidated but for the fact that a) after Allyson, what could be worse? and b) he was jawing with a younger fellow sitting nearby and they sounded near as bad as we do. He took our names, asked what we did and despite giving me the once-over when I airily suggested I did all sorts of things (in retrospect, I could have handled that better) said we could "try-out". He gestured us over to wait by a large oak until there were enough, trier-outers? Enough others anyway.

First fellow in after us was a tall skinny Calishite - or at least he had the skin for a Calishite, but I don't think I've ever seen one with bright red hair before, made mine look positively lackluster - with a scimitar and a definite lack of words. I figured him for another like Allyson, all serious and no humor, but it seems he just doesn't talk much. He appeared another fighter, but just in leather and with a scimitar, so not the brute force approach at least. Moves well.

Next fellow - and the last one for the "first team" - was a little gnome (ok redundant, yes) who looked distinctly arcane - turned out to be wizard, but you can't always tell by looking.

Kargil (the vet) directed us to a ...well, a course they'd laid out. Looked like a big pigpen, but there were a bunch of chutes opening into the center. Deal with whatever happens and Kresh (the other fellow) is standing by as a healer - "just in case", yeah right - though obviously if we need rescuing, we're not good enough. No worries.

The first three chutes opened on a linked mechanism and spewed out 2 giant rats each - easy enough to deal with, but they opened the next chute before we'd completely mopped up to keep us hopping and that one had 2 dire rats, which are a bit tougher and then a huge swarm off the last chute before we'd finished the earlier. Before we'd finished the swarm, the first chutes had sent forth another lot of the giant rats and things began to look dicey. I got up on one of the chutes to keep it from opening, but it seemed that the main 3 chutes were the only ones that were going to open a second time - but at least it got me out of bite range. Used up all the healing I had and both Allyson and Calishite - who goes by Max - got pretty chewed up. No rescue, though, so we're in. We'll leave tomorrow on a caravan to Waterdeep - though we only go as far as Daggerford, they can pick up plenty more and better on that road. That all settled, there was only one thing left to do - head for the tavern!

Seemed bigger than I remembered from the one time I snuck up, but I'm bigger now, after all. We met the others for the caravan - a few merchants with 5 wagonsfull of cornmeal, a dark and mysterious (ok, just solitary, but it makes a better story this way) man of maybe Mom's age and a young(ish) woman traveling with her 2 small boys - I'd guess she was maybe 5 or 10 years younger than Mom, hard to say - who was traveling to go and live with her sister in Waterdeep. Gnf (the gnome) started up a chat with a pretty (at least I assume so, I'm no judge of gnomish standards) young girl who was heading into the Southwood for a walkabout, whatever that is - some kind of special wandering, I guess - and she shared some nice gossip before they wandered off. Rumors of a robbery at an arcane library in the south of the forest, run by eladrin (not sure what she meant, I mean, there's the weird tower with the old arcanist type - but he's no eladrin, they never look old) and that what was stolen was some highly guarded forbidden necromantic lore kind of stuff. She also passed on the usual rumors of kobolds ambushing caravans and bandits, stirges and fire beetles (ok, I admit, the fire beetles are unusual, but by that point alone almost certainly made up - the interesting stuff is never true, more's the pity) and we gave her some tips on dealing with the gobbies and orcs in the wood. She looked a proper druid, so I expect she'll be fine, but Mom always like the company, so....

I did manage to find myself a pretty and willing tavern wench - sweet girl and a good kisser, if I may be so ungentlemanly in my own journal, named Mairi. Allyson was a bit slower off the mark than I expected, which could have been awkward, Mairi being VERY willing, but she found us before things went too far astray. And she looked delightfully furious. I know Mom says I shouldn't rag her this way, but dammit, it's her own fault for being so overbearing.

Hm, I wonder now if our...ways are going to be a problem for the others - Kargil is going along, but given how he and Kresh act, he's not going to mind, but the others? Gnf looked a a loss when we were ah..chatting earlier in the evening, and my getting caught with Mairi didn't help and it's impossible to say with Max, he plays things close to his chest - wouldn't want to gamble against him that's for damned sure.

Anyway, it's late and we're up and off at daybreak, so that's it for tonight.

18 Mirtul 1479

FINALLY! Today is the day. We are on the road, kicking the dirt of South Mill off our boots and moving up in the world. Hells, only took us what? 2 years of planning and researching companies and wheedling, cajoling, persuading and even outright begging for Mom to let us go. LET us go, like we were children. Honestly, is she still going to be trying that when we're old and grey?

Allyson's old sergeant suggested that we head up to Loudwater, it being a caravan town and a good place to hire on as caravan guards or join a company (a point which I had already made to Allyson and she dismissed....) - both obviously the best starting points for a career as adventurers. He recommended Turlough's Steel as a good company - solid and dependable and better than just glorified bandits. I wonder how hard I'm gonna have to talk to get a place for me. Allyson is a gimme, let's face it. Me? Well, how hard can talking 'em up be?

We'll cut through the forest as usual and camp at the second waypost - the one by Thyrienug's guardpost. I came up with another good story I think he's gonna fall, enjoy. That'll put us into Loudwater late tomorrow or early the next, depending on if Allyson wants to wait and camp another night to go in fresh in the morning - and thereby deprive me of a night in a warm, cheerful tavern with warm, cheerful tavern girls.... Ah, well, that means it'll be morning, won't it?

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