Saturday, January 23, 2010

1 Flamerule 1479

Ah, the joys of traveling - adventure? thrilling heroics? wine, women and song? No, no and Allyson would never let me anyway, but no. Just trudge, trudge, trudge and road dust. Well, beats farming at least.

Now if only Aprilane would...I mean everyone ELSE seems to be getting it - Lyra just GRINS at me - but not Aprilane. Ye gods, what happened to harmless flirting??? Anyway she has now a black rabbit fur she's been tanning - to make for a coat collar for me. Beautiful pelt, yes, but - eek. I had to really scramble - suggest that black wasn't really my color, that it was too hot for fur...

At least she and Ugrun had a nice chat about the tanning process. It would have been nicer for the rest of it if they'd left out the discussion about which types of piss were best in which situation. Yerg. I mean, I know how the leather is made - I just prefer not to think about it. Good, though, that Ugrun is making some progress.

Now, if only Allyson would quit pointing out what a lovely girl Aprilane would be to settle down with. Dammit, she's older, she has to go first.

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